11 iPad Business Apps For Busy Executives

The iPad is an excellent business tool for busy executives who are always on the go. Since the iPad is the perfect portfolio-sized mobile device, you can easily manage your email, create and edit Microsoft docs, keep yourself informed of the news, websites, travel plans and more no matter where you’re at. So, to save you some precious time, here are 11 iPad Business Apps to make your job easier and more productive.

Business iPad Apps for executives

The 11 Business apps below include Book Reader apps, a PDF reader, a Remote Connection app to connect to your laptop or desktop from a remote location (PC or Mac), a Microsoft suite app, Pages for document creation, News apps, an iPad Tips & Tricks app, and the Pac-Man game for a bit of mindless “tomfoolery” when you are mentally fried.

****Bonus: the TSA does not require the iPad owner to take the device out of his or her briefcase while going through security****

Here Are the 11 iPad Business Apps

iPad Business Apps
1.) Documents To Go Premium – Office Suite for the iPad: This will allow you to take attachments from emails (Excel, Docs, etc. and edit them on your iPad). $11.99.
iPad Business Apps

2.) LogMeIn Ignition: allows you to access your laptop or desktop (PC or Mac) from your iPad. As long as your computer is on, you can manipulate any program. $29.99.
iPad Business Apps

iPad Business Apps
3.) iBooks: Apple’s eBook store and reader will keep on top of your reading with this app. It supports iBooks, ePub and PDF docs to read on your iPad. Free.
iPad Business Apps

Business Apps
4.) USA Today Newspaper: This newspaper is well done for the iPad and will keep you informed of the day to day news, much like the paper version. And it’s Free.
11 iPad Business Apps For Busy Executives

11 iPad Business Apps For Busy Executives
5.) Weather Channel for iPad: Know what the weather is like wherever you travel with this awesome, Free Weather app.
ipad business app review

11 iPad Business Apps For Busy Executives
6.) Tips & Tricks — iPad Secrets: Learn how to use your iPad with quick short tips and tricks to help you reduce the learning curve and/or discover new features when using your iPad. $2.99.
Apps For Busy Executives

11 iPad Business Apps
7.) Amazon Kindle: is of course the Amazon ebook reading app for iPad. This app works with all your previous and future kindle purchases. Free.
app for business people

app for business people
8.) Pulse: Your News, Blog, Magazine, RSS and Social Reader: Easily view all your news sources from 1 single iPad app in a gorgeous horizontal image display. Great app to keep you informed. Free.
ipad app review

ipad app review business app
9.) GoodReader for iPad: Can upload and read any doc: powerpoints, excel, docs, pdf and so on. $0.99.
ipad app review business app

ipad app review business app
10.) Pac-Man for iPad: I had to throw a simple game into the mix. And since I am a product of the 80s, this is a retro classic. $4.99.
ipad game app review

ipad app review business app
11.) Pages: Apple’s word application that allows for Microsoft Word creation docs from the iPad as well as PDFs. Free.
ipad app review business app

As the iPad becomes more prolific, there will be more and more Business apps to help professionals on the go. The 11 iPad Business Apps we have just provided don’t obviously represent an all inclusive list. However, they are all solid iPad apps to help you professionals keep up with things, especially when you’re on the go.

If you do not have an iPad, many of the above apps also work on the iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire Devices.

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