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1a Easy Writer – Simply Useful iPad Text Editor

1a Easy Writer (by Infovole) is a clean and straightforward text editor for your iPad, and includes some nice extra functionality for your mobile word processing needs. If you use your iPad for blogging or any other type of writing, then you’ll probably find this app to be the perfect little word processing app. The app’s user interface is uncluttered providing simple navigation and plenty of memory editing keys to give some extra useful functionality like diacritical marks, easy cut & paste, capitalization, and much more. A couple of other key features that I found very beneficial were the spell checker and the keys that provide in app browsing of Wikitionary and Wikipedia. The application also allows for 3 documents to be open at the same time, as well as a toggle switch to move between read and edit mode (and when in read mode you can pinch to change the font size) — an interesting feature.

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One key component of 1a Easy Writer is the functionality of being able to share and save your work. Your documents can be saved to DropBox, iCloud, or saved to your computer using iTunes File Sharing (instructions provided in app). Additionally, each document can be emailed, copied to the clipboard, opened in a variety of other applications like Pages, Evernote (and many more), as well as printed using AirPrint. 1a Easy Writer is an appealing, easy-to-use text editor that works well on the iPad, has some really nice functionality  (may save you a few keystrokes) features making this app a simply useful tool  for your mobile wordprocessing needs. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

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