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Updated 01/01/13 – Since writing the original blogpost on how to get apps free, we have drummed up a few other ways for you to get apps free from, our Facebook Fan Page, and our Twitter profile. The updated items have been added: 5 to 8 show you how you can get apps free everyday from our website and social media locations.
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Here are 5 Ways To Get Free Apps from the iTunes App Store. These tough economic times are causing many of us to look for ways to cut back on our spending, so we decided to provide you with some helpful and easy ways to save money on apps, especially since Christmas is just around the corner. Who doesn’t want some free apps?

1) App Purchases Can Be Downloaded To 10 Devices – The heading in iTunes that explains how you can get apps free is “Association of Associated Devices is subject to the following terms” (which is really confusing), but here is what this means: You can download 1 app (as long as it meets content requirements, which apparently apps do) to 10 different iPhones, iPads or iPod Touches, but only to 5 authorized computers. However, be cautious on how often you “associate” and “un-associate” a device (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) because you can only do so each 90 days. Perhaps you and a friend, roommate, or whoever else comes to your mind may want want to split the costs of iTunes’content. I would research the full details, but as far as apps go, you could essentially share 1 account, but make sure it’s with someone who can share nicely.

2) Set Price Drop Alerts – There are a large number of free apps (iPhone and iPad) out there that allow you to set price drop alerts to notify you when a paid app goes on sale or becomes free. Applications like AppShopper, AppZapp, among others, allow you to set price drops alerts for your most sought after apps, especially the pricier ones you don’t want to pay for, until those apps go free or on sale. Most price alert apps have related websites, and most will require you to create a free account before receiving push notification or email price drop alerts, but if it gets you free apps that is a small price to pay.

3) Set A #Twitter Search – There are plenty of Twitter apps and Twitter clients like HootSuite that allow you to track searches in Twitter for anything. If you have a particular app in mind, say Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, and if you pay attention, you can scan Tweets for any news related to this app, like a possible price drop for the upcoming Christmas iTunes App Store sale. An even better way to use Twitter search is to experiment with #apppricedrop #pricedrop #appsgonefree, and other searches in Twitter to see what results you get back.

4) Re-Download Updated Apps – This is probably the most basic of ways to get free apps. You may not consider this a “free app,” but essentially, if you pay for an app, download it, play it, and then delete it, you are basically saying you’re done with that app. But, the thing is, say 1, 2, 6 months later…there could be an update that provides a considerable amount of new content or new gameplay (like more levels or game modes) for you to check out. All you have to do is re-download the app and — “bam” — you have more free apps, although technically you paid for it at one time.

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5) CrazyMikesapps Get Apps Free – Each day we give out iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad promo codes (for a variety of app genres). You’ll find several in our Get App Free blog posts where you can get paid apps for free daily, but this is a first-come-first-served process, and nobody knows the exact time we publish these blog posts.

6) Like CrazyMikesapps Facebook Fan Page – You can get apps free on our Facebook Fan page everyday of the year! We put out at least 1 to 20 free iPhone and iPad promo codes daily on Facebook and on special occasions we will put out many more codes at one time. To be courteous to the Facebook community, please leave a comment when taking a promo code off our Facebook Fan page so others will know and not waste their time trying to get a code when it has been used. If you have not liked our Facebook Fan page, then “like it” now using this link ) to get apps free.

7) Find Promo Codes In Blog Posts – We have provided a unique way for you to get apps free from our website. When we find an iPhone or iPad app we really like (where the developer has provided us numerous app promo codes), we will write a blog post for this app in our regular App Reviews section. And inside this post we’ll place the extra iPhone or iPad promo codes. We do not announce when we put these promo codes inside a blog post, which means you will have to follow our blog posts to get apps free this way. You can follow us several ways: 1) Check out blog for new blog posts daily at 2) Sign up to have our blog post delivered to you by email (email sign up – 3) Like our Facebook Fan Page – The added reason to follow us on Facebook is each one of our Blog posts is published to our Facebook Fan Page, and if you’re fast you can check each new blog post for promo codes. Good luck!

8) Follow CrazyMikesapps on Twitter – As with our Facebook Fan Page, each blog post is posted to our CrazyMikesapps Twitter profile @CrazyMikesapps so if your a Twitter user this is a great way to get apps free by checking our links in your Twitter feed.

We hope you like the Get Apps Free – 7 Ways to Get FREE Apps that I just explained above, and if you have additional ways to get apps free that are legitimate, please share in the comments below for others. By legitimate: I mean, legal, white hat, legit, not crooked, not stealing.

We wish you an abundance of free apps to download and play this Christmas and New Year holiday season.

iTunes App Store Tips & Tricks – Get Apps Free – 7 Ways to Get FREE Apps Additional Links

1) iTunes Terms and Conditions –, Information on number of authorized devices and computers iTunes content can be downloaded to.

2) AppShopper, Price Alert website, the website is great for setting price drop alerts on, but the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is a better place to track them so you will want to get the app

3) AppZapp, Price Alert website, the website is great for setting price drop alerts on, but the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is a better place to track them so you will want to get the app

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