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A Fun Line-Drawing Zombie Puzzler for iPad and iPhone

There are not too many “zombie line-drawing puzzlers” in the iTunes Apps Store, but Plight of the Zombie (by Spark Plug Games, LLC) helps fill the gap. Plight of the Zombie is an iOS Universal line-drawing puzzler that requires keen senses, strategy, and a hefty appetite for humans. I love a little “zombie game” action from time to time, and playing this game on the iPad was quite a good time indeed. I picked POTZ on 10/07/12, when the app went free for a few days. This app has great arcade style graphics that are well done and humorous, except all the enemy humans look like girls — except for the dude that acts like a girl. Upon starting up the game, you will be introduced to “Craig Creeper” who has an off-the-wall bio blending some human, yet undead personality traits into his description. Craig is your GoTo zombie for the first game pack called DownTown Potzburg.

Your goal as the zombie in this game is to eat all humans in order to turn them into zombies. This is accomplished by drawing a line from Craig to any human, when he touches a human he instantly turns them into a clone of himself, which also helps as you move into harder levels because you will definitely need some help. This becomes more difficult once you start attacking humans armed with shotguns, hand guns, and other implements of destruction that Craig succumbs to rather quickly. Heading into the Northside Slums game pack, you will unlock not only more levels, but “Charlie Chunker,” a new zombie freak with the same weird type of bio as Craig, but Charlie does not mind being shot, which is helpful, but he has his weaknesses as well.


The game plays fine on the iPad, but the load times for levels is slower than most games. The puzzles are decently challenging and there is a “3 Brain” rating system so you can replay a level if you do not get this ultimate achievement. While I was fortunate to grab this app for free, I am a little surprised it is priced so high at $2.99 for only 30 levels. Actually, upon further inspection, there appears to be 50 levels since the August 1st release date and interestingly the game packs are downloaded within the app and not actually included in the initial download. So the $2.99 price is a bit better since it appears that you are getting 50 levels ranging from beginning to expert with (I imagine) 3 additional weirdo zombies? The reason I cannot conclusively tell you what the exact number of levels is because I did not play through all game packs — just 1 and 2. But if you have cruised through the other game packs, let us know to help us clarify how many levels this app actually includes. A little tip: look for this app to go on sale for the upcoming Halloween 2012 iTunes App Store sale, should be a good time to grab a lot of expensive apps for either free or at a discounted price. Be sure to watch the Plight of the Zombie iPad App Video Review for a look at this fun iPad game.

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Plight of the Zombie - Spark Plug Games, LLC

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