AirDisplay for Mac- Need An Extra Screen?

Today I present what I consider to be one of the best apps I have ever come across to date. From the step-by-step setup guide, to the outstanding support, AirDisplay Takes #1 in my list of useful utility apps. If you have another mac in your house, maybe one that a family member doesn’t use, your work laptop, or just a generic excess mac, you can, without issue, use that Mac as a second display for your main computer. The way this works is once you get AirDisplay, you download the driver onto the computer you would like to control, and then on that computer click the icon on your toolbar. Once this is done your computer is connected and you now have two screens that you can switch between and multi-task with. If you’re ready to turn that barely used second mac into a useful utility, AirDisplay is for you. With the high level, seamless construction of this app and its driver software, you can’t buy a better app for AirDisplay — and for that, a solid 5/5 star is awarded. Please note that both computers must be running the latest version of the MacOSX (current 10.6.7). Tswmcello

AirDisplay Mac App Details

Title: AirDisplay
Cost: $19.99
Category: Utilities
Developer: Avatron Software Inc.
Store: Mac App Store

AirDisplay Mac App Downloads

Air Display - Avatron Software, Inc.

airdisplay mac application

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