AnyVideo Converter HD Mac App – Good Idea, Poor Execution

AnyVideo Converter HD is a incredibly simple and surprisingly powerful video convertor that can take any one of 32+ popular video formats and spit out a video that can be directly placed in iTunes and then played on your Apple TV over AirPlay. Although this app does what it says it does, it only does so when it works at all. Unfortunately, this app is hindered by a bug that sometimes spits out a 0 kb file that can’t be played. Out of the twelve or so times I tried this app with various popular video formats, two of those times it gave me nothing. One final con about this app is the extremely sluggish load time it sports. You must set aside a large chunk of time to expect any results. But, when you consider what the app is doing (converting a file to 480 or 720p fit for an Apple TV) and compare it to other apps like Handbrake, which is free, it is only slightly slower. Overall This app worked fairly well but disappointed me when it failed. With all things considered I will give this app a 2.5/5 head review because it is a very simple and useful application that has the potential to be superb, but lacks the finesse of a thoroughly developed app for the moment.Tswmcello

AnyVideo Converter HD App Details

Title: AnyVideo Converter HD
Cost: $5.99
Category: Utilities,Video
Developer: Vivica srl
Store: Mac App Store

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