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Baby Learns Colors: Fun, International Kids Education App

Baby Learns Colors (by Bebebe Co.) is an interactive and personalized Education Game that lets your child play, color, and learn 12 basic colors in 20 different languages throughout 3 animated scenes — plus much more. Exploring the world of colors is an exciting time for young kids, especially when they begin to accurately identify each color name. Most of us probably learned our colors by using flash cards, crayons and coloring, but now kids can do this in a much more interesting and technologically advanced way by using the Baby Learns Colors iPad Education app. This app is very user friendly, features 2 main modes (Learn and Play) and provides an international flair with the ability to use this app with up to 20 different languages ranging from Arabic to Ukrainian.

Further, users can customize their own child’s learning experience by recording a voiceover for all colors, questions, and negative and positive affirmations as well. Kids also get a special bonus when they earn Bebekas after answering 5 questions correctly in the Play mode. You may be asking yourself: What is a Bebeka? They are basically virtual pets that live in a magical community within this application (like a rolling countryside). Kids can feed their Bebekas, play with them, and figure out if their Bebekas like to socialize. In addition to the Bebekas, the Learning and Play modes are also a lot of fun, and provide a great way to introduce kids to 12 basic colors (blue, light blue, black, red, orange, yellow, green, white, brown, gray, pink, and purple) through a variety of amusing ways.

The Learn mode is a basic introduction to the colors that are pronounced in the language of your choice as kids tap on either paint splotches, fish, or space ships in 1 of 3 different backgrounds. The Play mode is where kids are asked questions about colors like: “show me brown” or “which color is pink.” The Play game mode does not have a time requirement so there is no added stress to the learning, and if they get the question correct they get a positive affirmation, and if wrong they will get a gentle negative response. There is a “Bebekas” button that can be accessed in Play mode and 1 other opportunity for kids to have a little coloring fun by filling in the colorless objects (in the background) with whatever colors they want. By tapping on the paint brush in Play mode, kids can access a sort of blank canvas for the paint splotches, fish, or space ships, which are all white with the colors in buckets below. Once kids tap the color and then tap on the item that they want to color, it will change to that specific color. Kids will also hear the color name pronounced as well — for additional learning.

As a parent, I can see lots of value in this app that teaches such a basic concept, yet does so in such a subtle and no pressure way that kids can’t help but have fun. I enjoyed exploring this app (as an adult) in the Russian language and found the child avatars unique and cool. While the app comes with 2 professional and nicely done (children) voiceovers (1 male and 1 female) in English and Russian, I was blown away by the large number of uploaded voiceovers for the different languages. The Bebebe community allows users to upload their own custom voiceover, which I did and it only took me about 5 minutes to record. They have a slick user interface that is easy to figure out and allows you to listen to your recording or re-record before uploading for others to use; you will have to supply an email to upload your custom voiceovers.

More importantly, you can use your own custom voiceover in all the activities if you choose, which gives your own kids a familiar and fun way to learn. Baby Learns Colors is also a great app for Special Needs kids and has been added to the Autism Apps List; also recommended for children with special needs by Touch Autism Team. If you’re still on the fence about purchasing this app, you can checkout the free version called Baby Learns Colors Lite for the iPad. Baby Learns Colors is an excellent kids’ color and learning app that takes the basic learning colors concept across the globe making it incredibly fun! Be sure to watch the Baby Learns Colors iPad App Video Demo for a complete look at this iPad Education application. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

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Baby Learns Colors - Bebebe Co.

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