Battle On with Trenches: Generals — for Mac

Trenches: Generals is a war-style strategy game featuring a variety of battle units to beat back your enemy with, and now offers a Perk system that lets you upgrade your units and air support. Trenches is a wildly successful iOS game, and this version on the Mac is a nice effort, but needs a little work. The gameplay is the same, but during my testing the app crashed a handful of times, at least 6. I was able to play full levels without crashing, and for the most part over a 2 day period of testing the game was great. I will have to say that I’m a bit confused about the Perk system in this Mac version. I played in easy and medium difficulty settings, completing battles in both, but never earned any perk points. I could not find out through any help or information tabs in the game how this system actually works, and was never able to perform any upgrades on my units, which is what the Perk system is supposed to provide.

Trenches: Generals Mac Game App ReviewsTrenches: Generals Mac Game App Reviews

All in all, the game is very nice and looks great on the Mac, but Thunder Game Works needs to spell out the Perk system and get the crashing fixed before this game would be considered steller. Check out more Mac app reviews by Crazy Mike

Trenches: Generals Mac App Details

Title: Trenches: Generals
Price: $2.99
Size: 46.9 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Thunder Game Works
Store: Mac App Store

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