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BetterLetter (by edenpod) is a word-building strategy game where you form a word and keep building on it to create the longest word possible in the four different themed gameboards. Looking to brush up or improve upon your vocabulary, then BetterLetter may be just the app for you. This gameplay is a bit different than most iPhone word games, in that you can only add 1 letter at a time until the word reaches maximum length, or you or your opponent can skip your turns causing a new round to start. Each game begins with 1 letter and you then select 1 more letter to add to the letter(s) to form a word. The gameplay then goes to your opponent who gets to add 1 more letter to form a word, and so on. You can also rearrange the letters of the word to form a whole new word, or choose to add to the word that is already there. Each time you create a word, you will receive points and more points are earned for rearranging the word into a new word or for forming harder words. Players can skip their turns, but lookout because the edenbot is quite proficient at this game and will quickly take advantage of your missed opportunities.

BetterLetter FREE iPhone App Review BetterLetter FREE iPhone App Review

This game is great to play alone with the edenbot, or you can fire up an online game with a random person around the world or challenge a friend if you prefer. A nice feature to this app is the variety of themed gameboards that can be played on. The default gameboard and the Christmas theme are FREE — there are 2 other themes that can be purchased through in app purchase for $0.99 each. BetterLetter might just help you to become a “better-spoken” individual by improving your vocabulary — and it’s FREE. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

BetterLetter FREE iPhone App Details

Title: BetterLetter
Price: FREE
Category: Games
Size: 19.8 MB
Developer: edenpod
Store: iTunes App Store

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BetterLetter - edenpod

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