Bizarro iPhone App, Sarcastic Comic Strip Delivered Daily!

Sarcasm is one of the greatest gifts God gave man. The opportunity to be funny at the expense of irony or cleverness is highly valuable, especially in a world that is so serious. Fortunately for me there are comic strip writers like Dan Piraro that provide daily levity to take the edge of life. The iPhone app Bizarro developed by King Features Syndicate is a daily comic strip by Dan Piraro.

The comics are short quip’s with funny art graphics to hammer the funniness home. If you do not like to laugh, then you need this app and if you like to laugh, get some diapers just in case. This app provides a daily comic strip article, but one can scroll backwards to previous days for more laughs. There is information about the author and you can access Dan’s blog by scrolling down on the home screen.

Bizarro for the iPhone costs $1.99 for the first years content, after that I am not clear how to access additional years, I would guess through in app purchase. This app receives a solid 4.5 CrazyMikes Head’s for providing funny, sarcastic humor. CM

Title: Bizarro iPhone App, Cost: $1.99, Category: Entertainment, Developer: King Features Syndicate

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Bizarro - King Features Syndicate

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