Braid – The Next Generation Platformer- Mac App Review

Braid is a very well known, and highly acclaimed game on multiple platforms including Xbox 360 and PC , but as of recent has been ported to Mac via the new Mac App Store. It was featured on the first day the Mac App Store was released and is currently on sale for $1.99. I bought this game expecting just another platformer game much like Mario or Sonic. Although many of the main features of Braid seem to come straight from classic platforming games like Mario, there is a world of difference in the objective and how It is reached. The main object of the game is to gather up puzzle pieces that make paintings in an assortment of unique worlds. These pieces can usually only be obtained through the manipulation of time in the game. For example, if a door is closing and you have to get a key before it closes, you can go get that key, and then go back in time to when the door is open again. It’s really one of those things you just have to try or see to fully understand. With this divine power to control time, you can’t lose, but you have to know what to do with it, making the game more of a intellectual challenge rather than a skill-based one. This is a must buy for the gamer of any level, 5/5 in all categories and honorable mention for the best graphics I’ve seen on my Mac thus far. Tswmcello

mac app reviewmac app review

Mac App Details

Title: Braid
Cost: $4.99
Category: Games
Developer: Hothead Games Inc.
Store: Mac App Store

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Braid - Hothead Games Inc.

mac app review

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