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Brandmania: Hidden Objects HD – Free for iPad

Brandmania: Hidden Objects HD is a new (Free) iPad Games app that features some of the world’s most famous corporate brands all hidden in various locations, and it’s your job to find them hidden throughout the world. Hidden Object genre games have become very popular on the iPad, most likely due to the gorgeous display that these devices offer. This Free iPad game provides you with 1 entire area to search and discover the world’s most notorious (coveted) brands like: Nike, McDonalds, Amex, Apple, and more — as well as regular hidden object searches, and a cool “oldest-to-newest” logo mini-game. There are additional game packs that cost money to purchase (California, Europe, and Asia), as well as batteries to recharge your ability to use hints, but you do not need to buy anything to play the first 6 areas in New York City.

I found the game to be quite challenging during the 2 hidden game modes. I also discovered that brand logos were not always exactly as you would expect to see them on corporate stationary, and once a brand has been guessed, it’s added back to the next brand logo area search — sneaky. The second hidden object game mode is a smaller location within the NYC cityscape — for example: a hot dog cart. The developers got tricky and forced me to search Google for an item called a “Petard,” which I had no idea what it was. Upon a quick cheating Google search (Google knows everything), I found out a petard is a firecracker, which I then promptly found. There are hints to help you, but they eat your energy up in a matter of seconds, so I suggest you think and use Google because after your 3 free energy adds are gone, you will have to pay for more recharges or let it recharge on its own, probably about a 1/2 hour to fully recharge. Brandmania: Hidden Objects HD is a very fun and challenging hidden object game that provides an excellent New York City background, with 6 areas to play, replay or restart anew.

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