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CalendarBar is a very simple application that turns your various individual calendars from services like iCal, Facebook, Google Calendars, Alfred, BusyCal, LaunchBar, or Quicksilver and condenses them into one easy-to-use calendar that fits right in your upper toolbar. The way this works is when you first launch the application you are given a list of calendar programs to integrate and once you have checked each of your these accordingly, ¬†you are given windows to sign in and approve CalendarBar’s use of each. Once this is done every event in each calendar program you registered will be put on one list where you can look at future events for the current day and the next couple weeks. Personally, I used this program in a coalition between iCal, Facebook and Google Calendars to organize my schedule and with it’s color coded event tabs, all of my calendars came into one, perfectly managed, calendar. This Mac app is a must have for any calendar using Mac Lover and will help you get maximum organization in as small of an area as your upper toolbar. This app receives a solid 5/5 star rating in design, functionality, visual appeal, and overall clean construction. Tswmcello

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CalendarBar App Details

Title: CalndarBar
Cost: $4.99
Category: Utilities
Developer: Clean Cut Code
Store: Mac App Store

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CalendarBar - Clean Cut Code

calendarbar mac application

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