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Caribbean Zombie – Island-Themed Slicer!

This hack and slash game transports you to the tropics where you’ll wield your mighty finger sword to slash and kill every pirate zombie in sight — but don’t deplete your slash energy or you’re doomed! Caribbean Zombie takes slicing gameplay to the islands in this fun zombie-themed slicing game; however, since the zombies want to kill you there’s no relaxing vacation here. This game features 6 game packs with 60 good sized levels and lots of different attacking zombies. There are pirate zombies, ghost zombies, witch zombies, little zombies, big zombies — you get the idea — there are a lot of zombies! The action takes place on the high seas, inside mine shafts, and on scenic cliffs overlooking waterfalls with creepy caves. The game features one weapon: your finger which is used as a slicing sword, but beware, you only have so much slicing energy before you’re defenseless — and this typically happens when you are surrounded by zombies.

iphone game app video demoiphone game app video demo

The outlook is not as bleak as it appears since there are various upgrades in HP, Attack, Slash, and Skills that will give you a bit of an edge as you get deeper into the game — and you will need it. Each level has 9 progressively harder levels and a Boss battle that is a bit different than most. The Boss battle in the first game pack is a big fat squid thing that requires you to slice at the correct point and at the correct time, and if not you suffer damage. An added stressor in this initial battle was the flying zombies that you needed to kill (which were mixed in with flying humans whom you didn’t want to slice, or else you’ll lose life). While Caribbean Zombie is no relaxing vacation, it is a lot of fun to play and provides plenty of great zombie-slicing gameplay to be enjoyed in your leisure time. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete walkthrough of this app. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Caribbean Zombie iPhone App Details

Title: Caribbean Zombie
Price: $1.99
Category: Games
Size: 31.0 MB
Developer: (C) PictoSoft
Store: iTunes App Store

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Caribbean Zombie iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Still fighting vs. Plants, farming zombies or killing them in the village?
Oh, No! We are already fed up! Ready or not, something-new zombie game unveils.
Defeat Pirates of Zombies even surpassing Captain Jack Sparrow!

The era of Pirates of The Caribbean is ended. From now on, Caribbean Zombie!
Slash and break all zombies attacking ceaselessly from everywhere!

There are lovely fairies having a delight time at a peaceful beach.
At that time, strange-black shadow is approaching to them on the horizon far out at sea.
A single shriek-
The beginning of bold adventure for rescuing our pity fairies taken into Pirates of Zombies in Caribbean!

▶ Powerful FINGER-ACTION causing a spark on your fingers!
– Just SLASH and Tap to cut the attacking zombies or they crack your screen in seconds!

▶ Beat off all different types of zombies attacking you from every direction
– The advent of normal Zombies, bugs, octopus, even witches! This zombie gift-set prepared for you!
– The more combos, the higher ranks!

▶ Distinctive and fantastic stages across 6 worlds
– 3 each world of classic and hell mode (WATCH OUT! You can yell out “What the …” in the hell world.)

▶ Tons of items and upgrade skills allowing you to increase your fighting capabilities.
– Fight back against strong hordes of zombies with tons of items and upgrades of HP / Attack / Slash / Skill.

– Complete various missions and achievements in every stage!

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