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Chickens BBQ – 150 Levels of Zany iOS Fun!

Chickens BBQ (by GuGuGames) is a crazy game where you rescue chickens from a burning building, dodge zany enemies, and catch falling debris to get coins throughout the 3 stages — each with 50 challenging levels. The title of this app “Chickens BBQ” may be a little bit misleading, but that is what you will have if you don’t rescue the chickens jumping out of burning buildings in this iPad game. The game objective is simple enough, catch the randomly and constantly jumping chickens as they leap from houses, apartments and other buildings with your trampoline (held by chicken firefighters) and bounce them into the safety of an ambulance — miss and they’ll be on their way to chicken heaven.

Getting them to safety provides coins, which you can also bounce with your firefighting trampoline for more points. But, you don’t get off that easy because there is also a side job that you have to do while rescuing the leaping chickens, which is to deposit a collection of falling debris into a waiting dump truck. Once you complete the collections (coffee cup, combe, tea cup, etc.) you will activate a shower of coins that can increase your score considerably. There are, however, a few distractions along the way. There are both aliens and evil black birds that will disrupt things and kill your chickens. There are also a variety of falling potions that do crazy things to your firefighting trampoline like make it smaller and less effective.

This game is a perfect example of an indie game done right. While the gameplay is repetitive, that didn’t bother me because the challenges were increased incrementally making each new level rather difficult. There are 150 overall levels, but you have to play through them individually, no jumping ahead or replaying what you have already played. There are also bonus levels tossed in for a little break from the norm, and the game packs or stages are rated as Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty. The graphics are also a pleasure — pure cartoon-esque — being fun and silly with great sounds to go along with the gameplay visuals. One tip: don’t drop too many chickens to their doom or your game will be over. Chickens BBQ is a really fun iPhone and iPad casual game jam packed 150 levels of zany game content. Be sure to watch the Chickens BBQ iPhone App Video Review for a look at how this game plays. Check out all of our iPad app reviews. Crazy Mike

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