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Clash of Clans Review – Top Grossing iOS App

Clash of Clans is currently the Top Grossing overall app in the iTunes App Store. This free-to-play game will test your strategic battle abilities, combat battle action strength — and — your success will depend on your planning capabilities. I have played a lot of free-to-play or freemium games, but this one is among choice top-quality apps. Clash of Clans is primarily a game of strategy, which can be played on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and there are several parts to the game as follows: building management, troop management, village security, alliances, and battle skills. As you can see, there is a lot to do in this game.

Your ultimate goal is to become the top Clan in Clash of Clans. Accomplishing this is a daunting task, but it can be done with a little hard work. You start out in the game with not a whole lot. You get a shield of protection provided to you for a period of time to properly secure your village, build essential buildings, and create troops. Your overall goal is to accumulate Elixer and Gold to continue the process (just mentioned) by leveling up your buildings, defenses, and army abilities to become more power-ful. There is a third currency in Clash of Clans: Green Gems. Gems can be purchased through in app purchase (IAP), but you will also be rewarded with gems for completing achievements, which does mean that you can truly play this game for free. However, if you want to grow strong fast, be prepared to shell out some serious cash because IAP start at $4.99.

Growing your village requires (as already mentioned) Elixer and Gold, and you get these by attacking other villages. You can do this in single or multi-player game modes. Single player is against the computer and is a good way to get acquainted with how to battle. Multi-player is a bit more fun and requires some planning. However, the developer (Supercell) is very smart and does not allow you too much time to find weaknesses with your opponent’s village. When you battle another clan you only have around a minute to look over your soon to be opponent’s village defenses before the battle automatically begins. This means that you will have to create your battle plan quickly and wisely because there are defenses, hidden defenses, and if your opponent is part of larger clan then you may have to deal with army personnel as well. This is why you want to restore your clan building early in the game. You can house troops in your clan building for defense of your village because your troops cannot defend your village. Your troops are only good for going into battle.


Overall View: Clash of Clans is a superior strategy battle action game! If you do not get sidetracked rearranging your village time and time again, and focus on the basics like the “best offense is a good defense,” you will win. Also, the first thing you need to do is find a like minded and equally giving clan. You will have to figure out what strategy works best for your personality, but you will quickly see there are a lot of different strategies out there, just view a few players’ villages and see for yourself.

A Word of Caution: The IAP for Clash of Clans is rather strong and you only get a limited amount of “time speed up” for whatever it is you spend your gems on — so spend them wisely. Consider that this game is free and it is the Top Grossing overall application in iTunes, that means there are a lot of people playing Clash of Clans who are spending a lot of money on IAP, but you can play for free — try it and you will see.

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