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Coloring App – Valentines Coloring Book for Boys and Girls

This coloring app is a fun themed activity to keep your kids busy this Valentine’s Day — or any other day of the year. The Valentines Coloring Book, iPad coloring app (by Peep Software), comes with 3 free coloring sheets containing 22 cute and whacky characters to choose from. Kids will happily spend time coloring in rabbits, dragons, cats, frogs, flowers, cupids, and more. And for kids who prefer to create their own unique artwork, this iPad coloring app also comes with 1 blank coloring sheet to encourage some free-style drawing and coloring.

Not only will kids get a fun mix of coloring images, they’ll also receive 60 different colored crayons to create with and a variety of coloring methods to use. The “Bucket Mode” lets kids fill in a whole section (of an image) with just a finger tap, which is great for younger kids. But for those kids wanting a more realistic coloring experience, they’ll enjoy using the “Brush Mode” because it allows them to slowly color in the image with their finger.



Since coloring within the lines can be tricky with iPhone and iPad coloring apps, the developer provides a cool magnifying glass feature to enlarge an image for better coloring precision, which means a lot less frustration. Another mode to help kids stay within the lines is the “In Line” mode. This allows kids to color a character image anyway they want, but they won’t be able to color past the character outline and onto the surrounding paper. Once a coloring page is finished the pages can be saved in the Valentine’s Coloring Book app photo gallery, to your camera roll or printed out. If your kids want to share their expressions of love they can be shared with others through email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

The Valentines Coloring book, iPad coloring app, offers a good amount of coloring page choices and kid-friendly coloring techniques for a range of ages and abilities. The only issue I have with this free iPad coloring app is the placement of the ads. Most of the ad placements aren’t too bothersome, but the ads close to the crayon box navigation can accidentally be tapped on by kids taking them out of this app, which I am sure most parents would not be fond of. Other than that, the Valentines Coloring Book is a great Kids’ iPad coloring app that provides lots of coloring pages and coloring options for free.

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