Come On, Baby, Light My Mac on Fire!

The first cold snap has hit Florida (where is located), so we took quick action and got a great FREE Mac app to warm us up. Fireplace by Jesse Lauro, once opened, places a cozy crackling fireplace on your Mac. The fireplace can be used either as a full screen or less than full screen, and users can adjust the amount of crackling with a slider (non-full screen mode). This app, while not providing any real warmth, definitely brought back good memories and provided some much needed relaxation – once I fired it up (sorry for the bad pun). I can see the Fireplace app burning during the upcoming holiday season on my MacBook Pro. Check out more Mac app reviews by CM

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Fireplace Mac App Details

Title: Fireplace
Price: FREE
Size: 95.1 MB
Category: Entertainment
Developer: Jesse Lauro
Store: Mac App Store

Fireplace Mac App Download Link

Fireplace - Jesse Lauro

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