Contacts Super Search, Tru Dat, Fo Sur, Awesome Contact’s App

The native contacts iPhone app is not bad, but definitely has room for improvement. This is why there are so many “contacts” iPhone apps available in the iTunes App Store. I got my hands on Contacts Super Search developed by WidlFone that is a super cool search app for the iPhone. The iPhone app for contacts does not index all the fields of the contacts database. Contacts Super Search searches the following, name (all), suffix, url, job, notes, email, phone number, instant message, etc, which is very helpful when maybe you have forgotten some of your contacts information.

This app has a very easy to use user interface (UI). Once you enter the app you are immediately in the search screen. You have the text box to enter your search text (must be at least 3 characters) and you do not have to press anything, the app auto searches for your search parameters. There are a couple of other buttons. Upper right there is an up or down arrow (^) that collapses the search screen to show the user more results. There is also a history button on the upper left that allows you to go back an entire month for your contacts called history (way cool).

Contacts Super Search is a “rock solid” iPhone contacts management app that will be staying on my iPhone after this review. This app costs $1.99 and receives 5 CrazyMikes Head’s for awesomeness in iPhone app contacts management.

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