Contour Showcase iPhone Case – Excellent Protection!

The Contour Showcase is designed to protect your iPhone in extreme conditions.

Contour Showcase iPhone Case

There is nothing more horrifying than dropping your iPhone and, as it tumbles in slow motion toward the hard ground below, you think to yourself, “maybe I should have bought that protective case after all!”

Contour Showcase My Take

Seriously, I have dropped my precious iPhone and it was an experience more terrifying than the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan.  Unfortunately, good tough duty iPhone cases are hard to come by and a bit on the expensive side.  

I have scoured the Internet to the late hours of the night and aimlessly wandered into many a Best Buy in search of the next best tough case. 

To date, the best I have found thus far is the Contour Showcase.  The Contour Showcase is a hard-shell, snap-together polycarbonate with a silicone case that has a clear back to show your cool Apple logo.  The case also comes with a hip holster (also made out of polycarbonate) which the hard case fits into.  Another great feature: the holster’s design lets you snap your iPhone face-in or face-out.  $34.00 at the Apple Store. 

$26.00 at  

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