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Contract Killer 2 – Unrealistic Gameplay Due to Harsh IAP

Glu Games follows up Contract Killer with Contract Killer 2, a sub-par shooter game which has its bright spots.

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Glu’s aggressive “pay-to-play” model provides stupidly unrealistic game difficulty. Unfortunately, Contract Killer 2 does not deliver a quality game, but rather delivers an extremely harsh AI difficulty that bordered on the point of just plain stupid. At times it took 3 head shots to take out an enemy and 5 to 10 assault rifle shots to take out enemies at close range.

Bright spots include brief moments of fun sniper action and melee game types. Glu Games appears to be on pace to out Zynga Zynga with their extreme IAP models. We would love to see Glu implement a more user friendly IAP model that not only benefited them, but the consumer as well.

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iPad App Review for Contact Killer 2Contract Killer 2 iPad App Review

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  • CHT-CA

    I have made it to chapter 8 so far without a single IAP. You need to prepare for the harder levels by upgrading your weapons ASAP. Best way I’ve found is to use Ghost contracts for Melee kills. You get cash and occasionally a flash bomb or reactix. These end up being really helpful against tougher enemies. The trick is don’t actually beat the level- kill as many with Melee as possible, then forfeit and repeat until you have the cash you need. Once you’ve got the best sniper and assault, the levels can be beat- you may need the extra flash bomb, or reactix, but you get these from your Melee kills too. So- don’t spend a dime, spend some time, and you can beat this game.

    • Yes, no doubt if your a gamer you can endure and beat the system and kudos to you and thank you for sharing. But, for the casual player the IAP is a bit harsh.

      Thank you again for your tip on how to save some $$$$ playing this game.

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