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Crazy Hair Studio – Free iPhone n iPad App – Go Bold!

Ever wanted to dye your hair some crazy hot pink or neon blue color back in high school but didn’t have the nerve to do it? Well, now is your chance to go bold and try out some outrageous, silly, and just plain weird hairdos without having to suffer from any “hair regret,” thanks to the Free iPhone and iPad Entertainment app — Crazy Hair Studio (by Portegno Apps). This Entertainiment app lets you take a photo of yourself using your camera or from your camera roll to “try on” a variety of male and female hairstyles. Not only can you check out a variety of hairstyles and colors (ranging from nice to “way out there”), you can also virtually enhance the hairstyles with the different styling tools provided within the app: brush, hair dryer, curlers, scissors, extensions, tint brushes, and trimmer. Crazy Hair Studio gives you some creative freedom and puts you in the place of your hair dresser — so go as wild as you like.

You can either choose to use your own photo or opt to practice on the male or female mannequin head from the HairStyle Editor. For me, I was anxious to see what I’d look like with some wild colors on top of my naturally blonde head — like Rihanna’s short, shocking red hair. It only took me a matter of seconds to take my photo, but I soon realized that unless you are bald, you’ll need to pull your hair back in a tight, flat-haired ponytail to keep your real hair from showing up in every picture and ruining the effect. This app could benefit from an “erase” function to get rid of the things you don’t want showing up in the picture. I discovered that there are 4 hair categories to choose from in this Free application: Male (23 hairdos), Female (30 hairdos), Web Gallery (options seem endless), and Famous (16 male/female).

Crazy Hair Studio provides nice step-by-step pictographs to quickly show you how to use the app, but you’re on your own when it comes to the HairStyle Editor portion, which takes a little bit more effort to figure out. This Entertainment app uses simple 2-finger stroke/manipulations to adjust your chosen hairstyles, which allows you to move the whole hairdo to the right or left, rotate it, and also the ability to scale the hairdo in and out until it fits appropriately on your head, however, it doesn’t realistically contour your cartoon looking hair since it makes the adjustments to the whole piece, and not individual sections. Speaking of hair, I was a bit disappointed to find out that I couldn’t change my eyebrow color to match the chosen hair color. Even so, it’s still a lot of fun and gives you a general idea of how a particular haircut or color will look on you, and whether or not it will be flattering against your skin tone — so there is some real-life value to this Entertainment app.

Swiping through a bunch of choices, I tried on hot pink hair with bangs all done up into Mickey Mouse type ears (I thought it looked sort of cute), next a Elvis Presley hairdo (I looked just weird), and just plain crazy with the Green choas do from the Web Gallery. After coming across the infamous Blue hairstyle of Katy Perry, I tapped the green checkmark to start virtually styling my new blue locks. I brushed, sheared, cut and curled my hair. What was pretty cool in this area was that after using the curlers and the big overhead dryer, my original photo (now with blue hair) appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine that I was “supposedly” holding — a pretty clever surprise. Wish I could say the same for my curls, which didn’t turn out all that great. But, another fun aspect here is that you can choose to add crazy color tints or opt to change the whole head of hair from a wide range of rainbow color choices.

Another nice option is that if you tire of working on your own hair, you can “move” your created hairdo to the Hairstyle Editor for a further workup as the hairstyle now sits on top of the mannequin’s head. The hairstyling tools work accurately enough and also have realistic buzzing and sniping sounds, which helps to create a fun and authentic experience. Overall, CrazyHair Studio is a silly and fun iPad application that will appeal to cosmetology wannabes, teen girls (but I know plenty of my daughters’ guy friends whom seem more concerned with their own hair then my daughters are), younger kids, and just about anyone else looking to virtually experiment with a bold change or just want to have a good laugh — I’m seriously considering that hot pink hair — or maybe I’ll just settle for a pink wig.Check out all of our iPad app reviews. Crazy Mike

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