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Ringtone apps for the iPhone are great, but all created ringtones have to be downloaded to your iTunes account before being able to be put onto your iPhone. FREE Ringtone Maker for the Mac by Wondershare Software Co. actually cuts down a step and provides an easy to use tool to create ringtones on your Mac and save to your ringtone category in iTunes.

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This app allows for ringtones to be created from just about any audio or video file, from a microphone on your Mac, and is compatible with Lion. During my testing I was able to make 2 ringtones in less than 2 minutes that immediately showed up in my iTunes ringtone library. FREE Ringtone Maker is a no brainer Mac app download for those that like to customize their iPhones ringtones.

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Free Ringtone Maker FREE Mac App Details

Title: Free Ringtone Maker
Price: FREE
Size: 15.1 MB
Category: Music
Developer: Wondershare Software Co., Ltd
Store: Mac App Store

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Free Ringtone Maker - Wondershare Software Co., Ltd

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