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CrossWolf – Challenging Indie Runner Game!

Crosswolf (by Blazing Soft) challenges you to destroy your enemies, collect coins, and make it from one platform to the next in this fast-paced runner game with ever changing worlds. This iPhone and iPad platform runner game, while not endless, is equally challenging throughout the 5 long and tough levels — with more levels coming soon. In this game, you’ll play as a wolf running from left to right at a significant pace leaping from platform to platform initially, then later earning special moves that help you to destroy the enemies, laced into the platforms, as you advance deeper into this game.

The graphics in this game are nicely done in the levels that I played, featuring space, lava and ice themes, as well as some other themes, which provide visual interest to the “ever changing gameplay.” The real challenge to beating this game is to identify each platform and jump correctly to run across it as opposed to missing it and falling directly to your death or landing incorrectly and dying. This seems a bit simplistic and obvious, but once you play the game or watch the video app demo below, you’ll understand that at times you cannot see the next platform, which makes your timely jumping critical. By tossing in a variety of randomly shooting enemies that can be killed, and enemies that must be avoided or jumped over (and cannot be killed), you have some rather difficult gameplay. There are upgradeable items such as shield, speed, and skill that you can increase (up to level 3) for each by collecting coins, however, it is not clear to me what impact this has on the gameplay.

Overall, the game is much more challenging than I had expected. I was confused with the upgrades, as I did not see any obvious impact from the upgrade, and it almost seemed as if this was added to the game as an afterthought. One positive for the upgradable items is that these items can only be upgraded with credits earned during gameplay and are not available through in app purchase. Overall, the game is fun, somewhat invigorating and challenging to the point where I found myself playing a level 5 and 10 times before successful completion — and I have not completed the game yet. CrossWolf is a great example of an indie game that has great potential, and rivals many endless runner platform games from a difficulty standpoint. But, due to the 5 levels currently, albeit 5 long and tough levels, many may not realize the value provided by this challenging game. Be sure to watch the CrossWolf iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this iPhone and iPad Games application.

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CrossWolf - Blazing Soft

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