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Help Daddy Dino Solve 150 Gem Matching Puzzles – Got Logic?

Daddy Dino Rocks is a matching game that requires logic to solve the 150 levels of gameplay, includes the ability to create your own levels, and a hammer power-up to help you if you get stuck. This family-friendly puzzle game challenges your logic after the first few puzzles.

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Daddy Dino Rocks is packed with unique puzzles and the objective is to remove all gems. I found matching the gems was easy, but ending up with no left over gems is a little more difficult.

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I played through the 1st of 10 puzzle packs (each has 15 levels) and found the puzzles got more challenging by level 6 or 7. Some levels have moving platform pieces (1-horizontal or 1-vertical) that add to the puzzle difficulty. An added Daddy Dino Rocks bonus is a level editor that lets you create your own puzzle levels. There are 15 slots for your created puzzles and you can share created puzzles with the developer by email.

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While the puzzles are challenging, I would like to see less allowed moves and decreased amount of time to complete puzzles for even more challenging gameplay. I think the developers, Sungift Games, are tweaking Daddy Dino Rocks and you may see some changes in a future update?

Overall, Daddy Dino is a fun iOS logic puzzler that provides a great amount of puzzles for only $0.99. There is also a Daddy Dino Rocks HD version and Dino Rocks free version. Daddy Dino Rocks is also available on the Android platform (Google Play, Amazon, Nook).

Daddy Dino Rocks Bullet Summary

Daddy Dino Rocks is a challenging, family friendly gem-matching puzzle game with 150 levels to conquer, and the creative option of making 15 of your own puzzle levels.

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