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DaisyDisk is an intuitive folder scan application made for anyone who wants to free up some space on their mac or even just see how they partition their drives. The first thing that I noticed when using this app is how user friendly it is. As soon as you open up the app it prompts you with any drives you may be using on your computer, then underneath that there is a “scan folder” option that opens and displays all the folders in any given drive.

After choosing a folder, DaisyDisk takes a couple minutes to scan the folder and then display it in a multiple layer pie chart. When mousing over each piece it tells you what is taking that space. To narrow your search even more, click on the piece and receive information about each and every subfolder. The add to this incredible UI, the visual appeal of the app is unmatched by anything I’ve ever seen for the same purpose. For the current sale price of $15, this is an indispensable addition to any mac. I would recommend to any one of my mac bearing friends. Easy 5/5 rating and at the top of my file management list.Tswmcello

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Title: DaisyDisk
Cost: $14.99
Category: Utilities
Developer: Software Ambience Corp.
Store: Mac App Store

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DaisyDisk - Software Ambience Corp.

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