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Dead Stop – Zany Zombie Arcade TD Game

The new Chillingo Tower Defense game, Dead Stop, is an arcade TD game that features Plant vs. Zombie-esque graphics, decently challenging game difficulty, and level and survival game modes. Dead Stop is a funny game that highlights a crazy scientist, reminiscent of a redneck Albert Einstein, who creates whacky weapons out of refrigerators, engines, and other spare parts to defend against some ghastly, yet funny zombies. As in all tower defense games, your goal is to protect your “tower.” In this case, it may be a pull-behind trailer, door, tent, etc. from the ever increasing enemy invaders. Dead Stop is no different, however, the goofy arcade graphics and whacky story combined with the silly defense weapons, plus a few extras make this game enjoyable when I played it on my iPad.

You are greeted by a mumbling scientist (the redneck Albert Einstein) in the first level who guides you along your journey to save mankind using his contraptions along the way. Each of the 3 game packs include 10 levels each level with a variety of waves, and once you complete all 10, you will unlock survival or endless game mode for that game pack or environment. I did not find the game overly challenging while playing the first game pack, Zombie Invaders. However, it did pick up in difficulty towards the end, and I actually had to build towers from one end of the board to the next to destroy the Gate on the 10th and final level of this game pack to complete it — it does not end until you do this. Yes, besides killing zombies you can destroy items to earn coins — items like barricades, tents, benches, etc. But, be careful not to take your eye off the enemy because your towers may be a little too focused on these items, to re-focus them: tap on an enemy zombie when in range of your turret and they will recalibrate.

I think Dead Stop is a fun game to play for the $0.99, but I would not spend anymore on this game. I also look forward to more game environments, new contraptions, and zombies being added in the near future — I hope. Be sure to watch the Dead Stop iPad App Video Review for a look at this iPhone and iPad Zombie Tower Defense game.

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