Defrag Your Mental Hardrive with Relax Melodies for the Mac!

Do you find yourself stressed out from time-to-time? If you’re like most of us, then the answer to the preceding question is, Yes. No worries, the Relax Melodies Mac Healthcare & Fitness application will have you “chilling out” in no time. In fact, this application can even have you focusing better once you’re listening to the binaural sounds (through headphones). Let me backup for a moment. Relax Melodies has 45 soothing sounds including 2 binaural sounds to help you take the edge off or to get your focus back. Once downloaded, I began my testing and was immediately taken by the ultra intuitive user interface this application brings to the table. The 43 sounds hang on strings vertically and each sound is represented by an icon, which can be turned on or off to control the sound. Multiple sounds can be played together and there is a slider to mute or raise the main sound selected, so get creative while chilling out. The sounds range from: rain, river, white noise, a variety of musical instruments, to chanting monks — which mesmerized me. This app features alarms as well as a timer that can be set to turn the app off or to alert you. There is a full version that sells for $4.99 , which provides 92 sounds and a few more bells and whistles. So, if you are stressing out alot or need to refocus, you can’t go wrong with the Relax Melodies Mac app. Check out more Mac app reviews by CM

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Relax Melodies FREE Mac App Details

Title: Relax Melodies
Price: FREE
Size: 75.6 MB
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Developer: iLBSoft
Store: Mac App Store

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Relax Melodies - iLBSoft

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