Don’t Drop The Soap iPhone Crap App Review

Don’t Drop The Soap is a phrase that goes along with being in prison, but now has come to the iPhone as this week’s “Crap App” on This iPhone game app is not poorly made as could be the cause for a “crap app”, rather it is the game play that makes this app suck! The object of this iPhone game is to hold a virtual slippery bar of soap in your virtual hand (iPhone) using the accelerometer. There is little challenge as the soap typically falls out of your virtual hand in a jiffy. Once you drop the soap, there is a daff guy that says “you dropped the soap.” Limited game play with a poor game engine makes “Don’t Drop The Soap” this week’s “Crap App.”Watch the iPhone video app review for a more information about this application. CM

iphone crap app reviewcrap app review

Don’t Drop The Soap App Details

Title: Don’t Drop The Soap
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Developer: Big Gigantic Limited
Store: iTunes App Store

Don’t Drop The Soap App Download Link

Don't Drop the Soap - Big Gigantic

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