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Draw Something FREE – Can You Guess Their Picture?

Draw Something FREE (by OMGPOP) is a free social drawing and picture guessing iPhone & iPad game, and while you don’t have to be a Picasso to play this game, a little drawing skill is quite helpful. However, trying to figure out of your opponent’s drawings is the real challenge to this game. First, you will need to provide an email or log into the app with your Facebook profile to get started. Games can be played with other “Draw Something FREE” users or those logged in with Facebook. Once you’re signed in, you can create games with other Facebook friends, Draw Something FREE users, challenge a friend through email, or start a random game (which is the easiest). Most online social games require you to belong to a network, so logging in with Facebook or creating a user account is a not a big deal. The bigger deal or challenge is trying to draw the pictures, because I’m no Picasso, but I’m really good at drawing stick figures like Dick and Jane (that is about as good as my drawings get), and apparently many of my opponents are on the same level, so I don’t feel too bad. Fortunately, when it’s your turn to draw, you get 3 options (items) to draw at: Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels (more gold coins are paid out based on difficulty level).

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Once you complete your masterpiece or other piece of (blank), your opponent gets a chance to guess what the heck your picture represents. The way you earn coins is by having your picture correctly guessed or by guessing an opponent’s picture correctly. The game is mostly self-explanatory; however, I wanted to verify how the game played and lo and behold, there are no instructions inside the application. When you do find the help button in the app and tap on it, you are taken out of the app and to OMB’s forum, where I did ultimately find out how to play this game. Another issue for iPhone and iPad players is that you cannot delete or end a game (currently) once started, but the Android version does have a delete button to end a game immediately. While this is a decent FREE game, here are the points that make the app not so great (some already mentioned): 1) There are no instructions — again, pretty basic idea, but for us simpletons, it would be nice to have some basic “know how” instructions for the gameplay to alleviate any frustrations early on — even an infographic would be nice, 2) Ads, ads, and more ads, 3) Cannot end a game (iOS platform) and must wait until a game is over, or figure out some nuclear option like deleting your account and then logging back in, but this seems a little extreme. There are some extras to this game like bombs that you can use to bypass a tough drawing/word, and an additional color palette that comes at a cost through in app purchase. But, after all is said and done, this game is fun, allows you to quickly start playing — but needs a few tweaks. The paid version offers more words and no ads, which will run you $0.99. Even with the few issues that I’ve mentioned, this app is #1 top overall FREE, as well as #1 top overall paid top for both iPhone and iPad App Store, which is no easy feat for sure — so people are loving this game no matter what. Check out all of our iPad app reviews. Crazy Mike

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