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Earn to Die Android, First Class Zombie-Killing Action! (Video)

Earn to Die grinds its way onto the Android and provides a first class zombie-killing game experience. Zombie killing has never been more fun than when playing Earn to Die.

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The game’s simplicity may fool you at first, but you will quickly realize that you “have to earn to die.” This is done through methodical attempts to drive from point A to point B running over and getting by any and all obstacles in your way. I played this game on my iPhone and found it boring until the light bulb went off in my head and I finally “got this game.”

8 VEHICLES at your disposal


Just about every game plays better on the iOS platform when that same game is played on the Android OS. But Earn to Die is not one of those games. Earn to Die played fabulously on my Galaxy Nexus. No lag, no freezes, nothing bad at all happened while playing this game. Whether it was my recent upgrade to Android OS 4.2.2 or the awesome development by Not Doppler, the game is a lot of fun either way.

Zombiesssssssssssss… Plenty of zombies


The game costs a strange $1.19 in Google Play and has no in app purchases, which is a great deal. Be sure to watch the Earn to Die app video for a look at how this game played on the Galaxy Nexus.

Earn to Die is a first class Android game with plenty of horsepower, implements of destruction and zombies to drive through.


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