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Eggy Ed – Eggtastically Amusing iOS Casual Game!

Eggy Ed (by GameDivision UK) lets you play as Ed, a strange egg-thieving monster who steals bird eggs, eats bird eggs, and gains stars by eliminating birds throughout the 3 worlds and 45 levels in this challenging game. This iPhone and iPad game is a game less traveled, yet it is a little gem in the iTunes App Store. Ed, our egg-eating maniac monster throws stones at birds to get them to drop their eggs so that he can catch and eat them, then lets out a delightful burp — kind of like putting the exclamation point on a job well done. This game features fresh gameplay and some significantly challenging levels to conquer. Ed is moved by a virtual joystick (bottom left), which doubles as the aiming control, which does make aiming a bit difficult. You also have a fire button (hold down for power) and a jump button to gobble up stars from the birds that you “stone” to death.

Ed needs to fill the “egg meter” before the :60 clock runs out, and this can only be done by getting a certain number of eggs for each level. Points are secondary in this game behind eggs, which may explain why Ed is so whack about eggs. Birds come out from either the left or right and move quickly above Ed. You throw a stone at a bird however many times it takes to get that bird to drop an egg, catch it, and move on. Ed also can take birds down by hitting them additional times, again, depending on the birds durability. Once a bird starts to fall, it leaves a trail of stars which can then be collected by Ed from jumping or shooting stones at them. The stars activate a variety of helpful un-lockable items that will help Ed in the up-coming harder levels. The un-lockable items first need to be unlocked, which is done by taking out a certain number of a bird type, like brown bird to permanently unlock said item, which could be a double slingshot, snow shoes, hour glass, etc.

This game is really a good challenge; I played for awhile and was unable to get past level 11. The time clock is fast and the birds begin to get tougher requiring more stone hits to drop an egg. The trouble is, do I go for the eggs or go for the stars to use the un-lockables? I found the aiming control to be a bit difficult because you have to force your mind to keep your hand on the joystick when releasing the fire button, but for some reason I want to let go of the joystick and hold down on the fire. If you are having trouble, the developer has listed their website in the iTunes App Description that will lead you to a few tips to help your gameplay. Eggy Ed is a different game, but is fun and very challenging. Be sure to watch the Eggy Ed iPhone video app demo for a complete look a this iPhone and iPad Games application.

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