Eryn Makes Flying Look Easy In The Game Glyder

Soaring through the air has to be an amazing feeling, except I won’t do it, least not like Eryn in Glyder by Glu for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The developers at Glue have been creating some pretty amazing games as of late and I am a big fan. Glyder is a unique game where our friend Eryn is stuck in a magical world. She has to use her glyder to gather up jewels to get out of that crazy magical world. I will have to say the gliding part of this game is awesome fun. Trying not to crash Eryn into the ground and kill her is tricky. Especially, when you’re trying to grab jewels close to mountains or inside the village. There are some helps along the way. There are some red looking volcanic type objects floating in the air that give you a boost of speed. There are also thermal air jets that propel you and give you a little extra speed, which turns into height. The speed meter is on the lower left and the altitude meter is on the lower right. Trust me you will want to pay attention to how high you are while playing. Be careful when over the water not to get psyched, be sure to use your altitude meter because you cannot tell how close the water is. Glyder by Glu is a Crazymikesapps favorite game and one I would recommend to anyone who digs iPhone games. This game costs $1.99 in the iTunes App Store. CM

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