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Fido Goes Places – Interactive Kids’ Look and Find Adventure

Fido Goes Places (by Pixel Interactive) is an amusing interactive game for kids 2 – 5 that features a monkey named Fido. Fido introduces children to a colorful world of cognitive look and find learning activities. This iPad Education game provides a welcoming feel directly upon entering the app due to its many bright colors, amusing graphics, and kid-friendly music. Young kids will definitely enjoy looking at and identifying the hidden objects to be found in the scene provided.

Being a FREE application, your child will get the Beach area for FREE, which includes 25 fun beach-related items to be found and placed into a treasure chest. A child can play through this area until all items are found, and upon completing, he or she can easily reset the area to start all over again, which provides for some nice replay value. Kids can also visit their treasure chest at anytime to see all of the cool items they have found, as well as those they have not yet discovered.

Fido Goes Places iPad Kids App ReviewFido Goes Places iPad Kids App Review

The various additional areas can be purchased through in app purchase for $1.99 each and feature some fun scenes like the Carnival, Mall, Farm, and Park.  Every scene comes with an additional 25 items to find within each location. The graphics in Fido Goes Places are a cut above your ordinary applications and nicely mimic real-life locations throughout these themed areas, making the gameplay experience more impactful for the young kids engaged in these learning activities. This is a great look and find app to help young kids fine tune their developing cognitive skills (and more) while having some fun in the process.

Fido Goes Places iPad App Details

Title: Fido Goes Places
Price: Free
Size: 23.8 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Pixel Interactive
Store: iTunes App Store

Fido Goes Places iPad App Download Link

Fido Goes Places - Pixel Interactive

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Fido Goes Places iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
*** “Fido Goes Places is a cute, well designed and colourful app. It supports your kids learning via a friendly interface and stimulates cognitive and memory skills…” *** –

*** “Fido Goes Places is a hidden object game made to stimulate your toddler’s cognitive functions, teach and improve visual association and memory while they enjoy the experience of looking for and collecting fun items…” *** –

Bring your little ones on an adventure with Fido! Fido comes from a far far away planet, in search of interesting items on planet Earth. He’s new to this world and he is curious about the world around him! Will your little tots join his adventure and learn about the world with him?

Fido will be exploring places like the beach, farm, shopping mall and carnival! What will Little Tots find in each place? What will they find and hear? Can they train a keen eye and help Fido find the 125 items that he seeks?

***How to play***

– Select a place to visit on the map. In each place, help Fido find the items on his list.
– Double click on them to ‘keep’ the items in your gallery.
– Each scenes come with 3 hints but use them sparsely! Encourage your child to learn by using the gallery images to guide them.
– Collect ALL 25 items in each place! Refer to Gallery for full list of items in each place

Note: This free version provides 25 items to collect. Purchase more scenes to unlock 100 more items.

***Fido’s Adventure Competition is now ON***
Help Fido find all 125 items and win a prize! Visit to find out more!

***Educational value***
Little toddlers aged 2 – 5 are beginning to engage in more cognitive activities. They are more alert to their environment and begin to remember details in their environment, identify items and describe things. Cognitive simulating activities are required at this age. Instead of the usual flashcards which calls for memorization of isolated items, Fido Goes Places is designed to engage little tots in a more purposeful play where they start to identify items in a complex environment. Fido Goes Places enables little toddlers to learn items in their environmental context and train them to have an eye for details, a practice which can be extended to real life environment. In this way, toddlers are trained on cognition and at the same time, learning to identify items through the gallery of pictures presented.

Audio is provided to aid toddlers in their learning

***More accompany resources!***
Visit Resource Downloads section for FREE Fido’s Adventures Activity PDF and more!

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