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I kind of gave up on using the Yellow Pages (especially the physical book) as a resource to find businesses, because with Google and other search providers on the web, I figured this service was all but dead. Not so fast, Yellow Pages for the Mac OS is actually a very nice minimalist app that focuses on only a few functions, the obvious business searching and added feature of people searching (by name and reverse phone number look up). There are only a few informational boxes to enter information (name of business/person and location) to scour the web for the information you are looking for. This app works lightening fast and not only provides detailed info about the business, but a map as well. You can easily add your harvested contacts to your address book with 1 click and print out a map if necessary. Another benefit to using this app, say over Google, is that this app provides you most if not all the local business in the area you are searching by category. This is a nice feature if you are not familiar with an area and you want to see what is around you for eating, shopping, etc. The Yellow Pages is not all washed up after all — Get this FREE Mac app and find most, if not all, the business listings you are searching for in your area. Check out more Mac app reviews by CM

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Yellow Pages FREE Mac App Details

Title: Yellow Pages
Price: FREE
Size: .4 MB
Category: Business
Developer: Avantar LLC
Store: Mac App Store

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Yellow Pages - Avantar LLC

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