FLICkN Squirrel…What A Nut!

That squirrel FLICkN Squirrel is CrAzY, not to mention nut happy! FLICkN Squirrel is an indie style iPhone game where the object is to safely get the squirrel across the road to retrieve a nut and return to the other side of the road safely. While the game premise is easy, the developers at Les Jeux Flickn Inc. have made this game fairly challenging. There are currently 3 game packs with unknown amount of game play, with undoubtedly increased game difficulty as you go on. I only played the first game pack with only 2 lanes of traffic, it appears in the other game packs there are more lanes of traffic, significantly increasing the nut obtaining difficulty. Help the CrAzY FLICkN Squirrel get all his nuts. Oh yea, getting the golden nut has a bonus.
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