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Dream: Hidden Adventure is one of the most magically adventurous and free hidden object games for iPad. This fairytale adventure weaves in a huge amount of hidden object gameplay into its extensive storyline that revolves around Dreams, Nightmares and Absurdities. The gameplay takes place in Dreams, specifically Dreams in the Dream World. Here you will find 3 floating “Dream Islands” where you will discover a variety of quests to participate in, all of which include finding hidden objects.

Dream Hidden Adventure Free Hidden Object Games For iPad


Dream: Hidden Adventure is one of the largest free hidden object games for iPad that I have come across to date. The quests that you embark upon in this mesmerizing hidden objects game, many times, are to find specific items for fantastical creatures. Most of these creatures need you to find an item for them, others flee at your mere presence. But, they will always leave you something behind to help you.

There are currently 3 Search modes of hidden objects gameplay. These are called Exploration Game Modes as follows: search for items by words, silhouettes, or at night with limited vision. You will not be able to explore all areas of the Dream World immediately. You will have to level up to gain access to Dreams. You are also limited by energy, which consists of Drowsiness and Concentration. You need Drowsiness to enter the Dream Search hidden object quests. Concentration is for visiting friends and fighting Monster Bosses, both are restored at 1 point every 8 minutes. And Drowsiness and Concentration are increased each time you level up.

Free Hidden Object Games For iPad


Upon completing quests successfully, you’ll earn pearls or coins as well as other items. The pearls and coins are the in game currency. These help you to buy items and tools which help you to unlock Dreams. And while playing this game, you will discover that there is an in-depth and very imaginative “Dream Adventure” storyline that leads you on your journey throughout the Dream: Hidden Adventure game. Besides being free and having a lot of gameplay, the graphics in this application are stunning and the sounds are perfectly subtle. The Dream: Hidden Adventure is a new hidden objects game that is currently only available for the iPad. And if you are looking for one of the biggest and best free hidden object games for iPad, you have found it with this game.

Free Hidden Object Games For iPad


Dream: Hidden Adventure has many more features and mysteries to discover, so download this hidden objects game and enter a mesmerizing and mythical world to see if you can find everything there is to find!

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