Done Drinking App, It’s Not Easy Walking After Drinking (Video)

Sometimes people have too much to alcohol to drink and walking becomes a chore and they should just be Done Drinking. It has been a long time since I have had this trouble. If you need to practice walking before getting drunk then get the Done Drinking app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app was developed by JVL Corporation and it is decent. The game play is simple, just use the accelerometer to move your drunk guy side to side. The goal is to keep him standing, but it gets more difficult the farther your guy walks. You get 3 tries per game and you want to see how far you can walk on each attempt. I played for a while and this game is not that easy. You have to be agile like a cougar to get very far in this game. The total of all 3 tries is added up and this is your final score. This app is entertainment at is best and it is not that easy, kind of like the real thing. This app is FREE in the iTunes App Store.


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Done Drinking Deluxe - JVL Corporation

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