Word Scramble 2 By Zynga, Review (Video)

Word Scramble 2 By Zynga for the iPhone and iPod Touch is the follow up to yes, Word Scramble. This is a fantastic FREE word game that challenges you to put 3 letter or more words together in a timed game. But, there is so many different game play options with this game to include, 4×4 or 5×5 game goard, login with Facebook, friend challenge, play solo, play and pass, challenge, play online and this is a FREE game. Some FREE games are better than others and Zynga has there motives, but in Word Scramble 2 By Zynga you get a great deal of game for FREE. CM Word Scramble 2 by Zynga

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The Word Scramble 2 By Zynga iPhone app is not currently available in the US iTunes App Store.

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