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Leebo Jump Seasons, Funtastic iPhone Jump Game (Video)

Leebo is a cute little clown fish that you play as in the iPhone game Leebo Jump Seasons, by Hyperion Games. You can also play as a variety of other characters such as a polar bear, pumpkin, turkey and more in this energizing iPhone jumper game. Leebo Jump Seasons gets its roots from the classic iPhone jumper game, Doodle Jump, but Leebo Jump Seasons is equally as fun with its own personality.

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Currently, the game board is a wintery, Christmas-theme complete with Santa who drops power-ups in the form of presents on Leebo or the other characters as they jump to the top of the game board. There are obstacles like green goo and bad guy aliens you must avoid while skyrocketing upwards, but do so by moving your character side-to-side (accelerometer) as you land on platforms and continue your journey upwards. Leebo Jump Seasons is a great family-friendly, Christmas-themed, iPhone game with lots of playable characters. Sounds to me like the developers are working on more adventures for Leebo, so don’t be surprised if you see updates soon for this funtastic iPhone game.


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