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GazziliScience – Kid-Friendly App For Science Concepts!

GazziliScience (by Gazziliworld LLC) is a fun and colorful, hands-on Education app that teaches basic life science concepts to pre-schoolers in an engaging and kid-friendly way. Using the iPhone or iPad, kids will learn 6 core life science concepts that are organized into very well thought out “Gazzilisodes.” The 6 science concepts that kids will be introduced to are: Plants, Water Cycle, Seasons, (Non)Living, Sink or Float, and Five Senses. All science concepts are very well explained by an energetic, (but not annoying) professional narrator that reminds me of an enthusiastic teacher. Kids are instructed from beginning to end on each of the specific science concept steps, the overall meaning of the process, as well as the chance to see the final results that complete the concept.

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Children won’t have a chance to get bored in this science app due to the interactive learning experience that has them fully participating by following prompts from the narrator to tap, swipe, and drag items using the iPhone and iPad touch screen technology to drive home the science learning and to make each learning lesson memorable. The science “Gazzilisodes” are all locked in the beginning, except one: Plants, where kids will help Mimi plant either an apple, a rose, or a sunflower seed. Kids get to explore a simplified scientific process of what occurs to make a seed grow into an apple, a rose or a sunflower. There is also an award waiting each child as they complete a science concept for the very first time. The reward is for some sort of contraption that “Purple” (the crazy-looking purple monster) is building to feed Cleo the cat and Theo the dog. Kids will see a very detailed blueprint that Purple has created and will help by dragging the reward item into the correct location to see if they can get Purple’s pet feeding contraption to work — I bet they can.

GazziliScience is 1 of 4 GazziliWorld kids’ Education apps; the others are GazziliShapes, GazziliWords, and GazziliPuzzles — all of which cater to creating engaging, kid-friendly education concepts that make learning fun and memorable for young kids. GazziliWorld further demonstrates the importance of designing apps for kids by creating little to no navigational paths that will take them out of the application. Another nice and notable feature is the addition of a “hearing impaired mode” that provides text (which appears) whenever the narrator speaks or one of the Gazzili Bunch speaks. This is a great addition that makes this app appeal to an even wider audience. Be sure to watch the GazziliScience iPad App Video Demo for a complete look at how this kid-friendly iPhone and iPad Education app works. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike


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GazziliScience - GazziliWorld LLC

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