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Gears & Guts – Gory Fun, Free..Not Really!

Rev up your engine and prepare to run over, shoot, and slice and dice all the zombies in your way while trying to complete challenges throughout Gears & Guts, a difficult freemium game that makes continued gameplay unlikely without in app purchases. Mowing down zombies in a tricked out car with attached guns on the hood, blades protruding from the doors, and spikes on the front grill is a great way to get rid of some stress while saving the world. Since the Zombie Apocalypse seems to be fully under way, you may want to check this FREE (iPad and iPhone) game out to bring you up to speed for this type of zombie killing. Glu Games has a created a fun game, but the corporate game model falls short with me due to the extreme focus on getting users to dump money into this game in order to keep on playing.

The game can be played for free, but you will soon top out in the challenges and be unable to move on unless you play the early challenges over and over again to earn bolts, which are one of the game’s in app currencies. The other currency, tokens, are elusive and only available in useful amount through in app purchase, which you will have to fork out to drive any of the cooler more destructive vehicles. I enjoyed the game, but quickly found myself stuck. After spending a few bucks to buy some bolts, which are given in a miserly manner, I was able to tweak my Scorcher ride to the max, as well as some weapons, but this still only allowed me to play through most of the first level of challenges: 1 challenge in level 2.

While as fun as blood splattering zombies to infinitum is, I recommend you play levels over to earn enough to increase your car’s power, as I do not think you will want to fall into the hands of Glu by forking out hundreds of dollars to play this game faster and with cooler vehicles. Another interesting note: I read the first 20 or so iTunes App Store reviews, and it appears Glu Mobile is paying for iTunes App Store reviews. The reviews are so poorly written and the names of the users so expected that it is unbelievable that Apple doesn’t take notice. I would love to see the iP address record for all iTunes App Store reviews for this game. All the negative corporate bashing aside, the game is good, but the treatment of the consumer is horrible — so buyer beware, yes, while a free game — buyer beware of stiff in app purchases. In Glu Game’s defense, they do give you about $.25 worth of bolts and no cost upgrades for logging into play each day. Watch the Gears & Guts App Video iPad Review for a look at this zombie mashing, shooting, cutting game. Check out all of our iPad app reviews. Crazy Mike

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