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Get 41 Top Tech News Sources In 1 iPhone App!

InoTechNews (41-in-1 tech/gadget/mobile news), by InoApp, allows you to access 41 of the most popular tech news sites lightening fast and with the ability to multi-site search, read articles later, share information, and much more. This is an app that will supercharge your tech knowledge base and is very pleasant to consume on your iPhone, due to the fast download speed of articles. Articles can either be set to download in preview mode (fastest) or full-view mode, which takes you to the actual website and can be considerably slower — no fault of the InoTechNews’ server, but more likely the source the site is pulling the information from. Obviously, your web connectivity is also going to be key in providing you fast downloads, but enough about this. The information loads fast and the app content has 41 of the biggest names in tech news like CNET, LifeHacker, BGR, TUAW, 9 to 5 Mac, Silicone Alley Insider, and many more. Another really nice feature this app offers is the way each tech news site’s information is displayed. All have a shiny brand associated icon, and once you tap one of your favorites you will either go into preview mode of all current articles for that news source or possibly be provided with numerous categories that some news sources have, such as CNET.

inoTechNews (41-in-1 tech/gadget/mobile news) iPhone App ReviewsinoTechNews (41-in-1 tech/gadget/mobile news) iPhone App Reviews

When you drill down into an article, you have your choice of either preview or full-view through settings, as already mentioned, but there are many more features all of which can be accessed from either viewing mode. You can share on social sites, save an article to read later, copy an article to your clipboard, SMS an article, or even save articles to Evernote, ReadItLater, Instapaper, and more. Some other useful features are a color text mode that identifies when an article is unread, saved for reading, or read, as well as search functionality that does a great job of filtering a tech news source’s information. Finally, there are a variety of customization settings you can access that will change the look and feel of the user interface (UI), load time of articles, and others to make your tech-news-viewing experience extremely pleasurable. One thing that would make this app even better is the ability to add your own sites, but I feel that InoApp may do this for a reason, not totally sure. Either way, InoTech News (41-in-1 tech/gadget/mobile news) has a vast amount of the most current and relevant tech news you could want and will keep you well informed with a quick finger’s tap. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

inoTechNews (41-in-1 tech/gadget/mobile news) iPhone App Details

Title: inoTechNews (41-in-1 tech/gadget/mobile news)
Price: $0.99
Category: Lifestyle
Size: 3.3 MB
Developer: InoApp LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

inoTechNews (41-in-1 tech/gadget/mobile news) iPhone App Download Link

inoTechNews (41-in-1 tech/gadget/mobile news) - InoApp LLC

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inoTechNews (41-in-1 tech/gadget/mobile news) iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
– inoTechNews is full featured tech/gadget/mobile news reader that allows you browse, search multi-sites, read, save and share.

– *Cool* features that no other apps have such as hyper-fast downloading, fast multi-site searching, read-later, color coding, color theme, thumb image, previewing…

– inoTechNews has one of the most comprehensive list of popular tech news sites:
Ars Technica
9 to 5 Mac
Akihabara News
Digital Photography Review
Technology Review
Coolest Gadgets
The Inquirer
Boy Genius Report
Stuff Magazine

*** Features ***

– Browse: This app lets you browse the most popular tech/gadget/mobile news on the web…

– Fast multi-site search: search bar is provided everywhere from Featured to Saved tab. It allows you to get news you want quickly. No matter what you are looking for, type in the search bar, the app will pull all the related news from the multiple news sources.

– Hyper-fast download: this app not only can download 200 in 1 second (via WiFi) but also displays immediately before finishing downloading. We even display number of items in title bar.

– Top Rated tab: provides most recent news from top rated popular sites. Preview content is retained for later reading.

– Search tab: provides a large number news from numerous sites for searching purpose. Preview content is also retained.

– Read-Later: All news preview downloaded in “Top Rated” & Search tab is retained for later reading. You can now read your favorite tech blog on your flight.

– Preview: allows you to preview instantly without visiting the source website.

– Full-view: shows full webpage from original site. Shortcut via blue “>” button.

– Rich action options: allows users to switch full-view/preview, to save and share via email/SMS or via social media.

– Social media sharing via Twitter, Instapaper, Read It Later, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Evernote…

– Saved tab: how often did you see a good news and couldn’t find it again to show to friends? Or you simply want to save the news for later reading before getting on airplane. Save feature not only allows you to save a news items but also allows you to save multiple news items quickly. In addition, it shows saved items in different color for your reference.

– Color coding: visual clues are important; therefore, we use different colors for read news, unread news and saved news.

– Multiple color theme for your preference

What’s new

– Social media sharing via Twitter, Instapaper, Read It Later, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Evernote…
– Various bug fixes & enhancements

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