Get The Party Going With The iPhone 4S Sound Amplifier

Who would have thought a cheap piece of rubber could have such an impact on how the iPhone 4S iPod sounds? The iPhone 4/4S Sound Amplifier sold by is a slip on megaphone, akin to those horns old people use to hear better (same concept at work here). The slip on rubber megaphone dynamically increases the sound quality of the iPhone’s iPod to the enjoyment of the listener. There is a considerable difference in volume as well as sound quality when using this iPhone accessory, compared to not using it.

The original review of this accessory was conducted on and iPhone 4. I would love to have tried this on the iPhone 4S, there are some indications that the iPhone 4S speaker is louder, which would even make this accessory better for iPhone 4S owners. If you want to get some cool sound out of your iPhone from an inexpensive slip on rubber sound amplifier then give this iPhone 4/4S accessory a whirl.

iphone 4s accessory review

iPhone 4S Sound Amplifier Accessory Details

Title: iPhone 4S Sound Amplifier
Price: $9.95
Category: Accessories

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Apple iPhone 4 4S Sound Amplifier – Black

iPhone 4S Sound Amplifier Description

Enhance and amplify the sound of your phone with the Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier. With the use of old-fashioned acoustical science, this sound amplifier adds up to 12 decibels of sound pressure to your iPhone 4’s speakers. With no wires to attach or power outlets, you can enjoy loud and clear sound without any battery power. Great to have during poker games or at times when you need to share your music with people around you and there’s no power outlet or audio jack around. Simply slip it into your iPhone and enjoy your music.

Compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, iPhone 4 (AT&T), iPhone 4 (White), iPhone 4 (Verizon Wireless) and iPhone 4S phone models.

*Disclosure* provided a demo model for review, which was given away to a YouTube subscriber.

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