Give Your Mac A Jolt with Caffeine!

Annoyed by your dozing Mac screen when you least expect it? Watching a movie, at an important scene, and darkness? Well never again, with Caffeine for your Mac. This FREE utility application lets you toggle on and off your display settings without having to change your display settings. A small coffee cup is added to your upper tool bar and when clicked on, the coffee cup fills up and lets you know your Mac display will not doze on you. Once your done, click the coffee cup and it will become empty, returning your Mac to the normal display settings. Caffeine for the Mac is a super simple, yet highly useful app for those who are annoyed by their Mac screen falling asleep at inopportune times. Get this one for FREE today in the Mac App Store, I’ll drink to that! Check out more Mac app reviews by CM

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Caffeine Mac App Details

Title: Caffeine
Price: FREE
Size: .3 MB
Category: Utilities
Developer: Lighthead Software
Store: Mac App Store

Caffeine Mac App Download Link

Caffeine - Lighthead Software

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