Gorilla Workout – The No Excuse, No Equipment Required Exercise App

The Gorilla Workout app will whip you into shape using 40+ exercises that require no workout equipment, just your hard work. Gorilla Workout is available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android, and regularly costs $0.99. If you are looking for a simple “workout anywhere” app, Gorilla Workout can help you take care of that. You can use the links below to download this app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

iPhone Exercise App

Gorilla Workout App Features

– 40+ body-weight exercises including push ups, squats, and burpees

– 4 fitness levels so no matter what kind of shape you’re in you’re guaranteed a great workout

– Cross training to maximize cardio and strength

– Easy to follow day-by-day workout regimen containing hundreds of unique workout routines based on your fitness level

– Real life video demonstrations and detailed text description of each exercise

– Full body workouts that will target upper body, lower body, and core while also vastly improving your cardio endurance

– Social abilities like sharing via facebook and twitter

– Gorilla Workout is a global app, so once you purchase you get it on all your devices (iTouch, iPhone, iPad)

Gorillia Workout iPhone App

Download The Gorilla Workout : Fitness Aerobic and Strength Trainer on a Budget App Now!

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  • Avery Jackson

    A workout app that I use and has really helped me is the Reggie Bush Workout
    App that’s made by a company called Vstrator. The app gives you access to the workouts that Reggie does himself, and even sets up a regimen for you. I like it because it gives me some direction in the gym to tell me what I need to do, and can be accompanied by music. Reggie even gives you little motivational bits to help push you through a set. I’ve really enjoyed it.