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Headshots Are More Effective…Contract Killer: Zombies!

There is something about a sniper game, like Contract Killer: Zombies that gets the adrenaline pumping. Contract Killer by glu mobile is a very nice sniper game, with plenty of free game play.

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This game is a little different in game play, but is still a stationary FPS. The objective, protect your new gal pal and survivors from your wheelchair using a variety of weaponry. Shooter is your name and you progress through missions riding the world of as many zombies as you can. Exploding barrels, better guns, and the like are at your disposal to help kill the zombies. While the barrels are in the game play, the better guns will cost you cash and gold. Cash can be earned by playing the game, but gold is going to have to be bought through in app purchase with cold real world cash.

No matter, Contract Killer: Zombies is awesome and I long for another headshot while playing this game.


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Contract Killer: Zombies FREE iPhone Game App ReviewsContract Killer: Zombies FREE iPhone Game App Reviews


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