Wild West Guns, Hey There Partner, Put Em Up!

Wild West Guns by gameloft (iDP) got my blood flowing.  I guess it’s the ex-cop in me, but I love shooting games. 

This game is crazy and has plenty of action to keep you interested.  You can pretty much shoot anything you want on the screen (cool).  I shot ducks, buzzards, bad guys (by the dozen) and so on.  I really enjoyed the ballon level, probably due to some buried repressed issue I have with balloons.  I was not sure how to shoot with the iPhone, but I quickly figured this out as a means of survival.  There are two difficulty levels (normal/hard) and 3 levels with 3 scenarios each giving you a total of 18 unique levels.  There are numerous types of guns you can use to inflict damage.  My personal favorite is the shotgun (upfront and personal).  The screen details in the game background are not to be overlooked.  The clouds are moving, plants are swaying in the wind, etc.  The detail was so good it made me want to put on my cowboy hat and look for my horse.  A last word of advice watch out for the big guy in the bar.  Wild West Guns was released on 02/05/09 and sells for $4.99 in the iTunes store. This game has a 4.5 star rating out of 271 reviews. 

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