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So when I downloaded iA Writer, I decided the best way to review it would be to write the review using the program itself, since it is in fact considered a word processor. So, here I am, no different to you, except on my end, there are no distractions, my writing fills my computer screen, and I’m finding it alot easier to write when all of my attention can be focused so well. That being said, I was blown away the first time I tried this application, I never expected something that looked so simple to turn out a better writing tool than the heavy-hitting word processors I already had like Pages, and Word. Really what sets iA Writer apart isn’t what it has, but everything it doesn’t have that as soon as you start using iA Writer you don’t miss at all.

Overall, this app performs exactly as it claims; gives you a writing environment like no other, and really just looks great wile you use it. Because of iA Writer’s exemplary performance as a word processor/writing environment, I will give it the full 5/5 head rating, and will personally use it for all my reviews in the future. Highly recommended to anyone with any interest in writing, or anyone who wants to experience writing like they never have before.Tswmcello

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iA Writer Mac App Details

Title: iA Writer
Cost: $9.99
Category: Productivity
Developer: Information Architects Inc.
Store: Mac App Store, iPad App Store

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iA Writer - Information Architects, Inc.

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