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Ice Rage Game – Bruising Micro Hockey Fun! (Video)

The Ice Rage game by Mountain Sheep is a fun micro hockey game. The game has 3 single player modes: Quick Game, Tournament and Rage mode each with 3 difficulty levels. Take for example the Tournament game mode, you must battle your way through 9 ever-increasing-in-difficulty-and-personality AI opponents before (now) reaching the fierce-looking Skar, a boss you must get past to win the tournament.

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The Multi-Player game mode is still device specific. The Ice Rage game multiplayer plays great on the iPad, but is a little bit of a stretch when played on the iPhone. The Ice Rage game is missing one big feature for me, which is multi-player gameplay.

However, Ice Rage is a great 2 on 2 hockey game for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android.


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